Flag Review: ‘Bandeira do Brasil’

I haven’t written a proper blog for a while (four months to be exact) mostly because I’ve been busy with work and such, but truly because I couldn’t think of anything original to write … until now. Drumroll…welcome readers to the ‘Inaugural Renegade Flag Review!’ Seriously, who reviews a flag? I dunno…”Who throws a shoe?”Continue reading “Flag Review: ‘Bandeira do Brasil’”

Published Travel Writings & Presentations

Follows are writings from my travels through India and South America, from 2020 through 2022, published in various newspapers and digital outlets. Additionally, one magazine feature on my high-altitude expedition through the Himalayas with LA Riders Motorcycle Club, and a presentation to seniors at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design … enjoy!

Red City High Rise

Gaze upon these glowing high-rises at nightand behold the red towers of the Matrix Where the machines harvest lifebloodfrom unknowing humansblissfully plugged into “reality” servicesand digital Metaverses Witness the energy wavescobwebbing up-and-downas humans enjointhe Machine’s cortex The only reprieve is the Big Top Circuswhere denizens of the Matrixpay to see freaks flipping up-and-down Step rightContinue reading “Red City High Rise”

Book Review: Lost in the Valley of Death

“There is a world beyond that of our everyday physical, mental and emotional experiences. Beyond the five senses, and different from the realm of imagination. It is the world of the unseen and eternal, of spirit and vision. It is a dimension of life that very few people of today seek, or perhaps care toContinue reading “Book Review: Lost in the Valley of Death”

Amazon to Cape Horn: Journal of Fear

Starting in July of 2021, I embarked on a nine-month solo trip through South America, mostly via motorcycle and without cell phone, GPS, or any real proficiency in Portuguese or Spanish. Along the way I experienced many lovely things, most of which I won’t bore you with here, because this is a different story; aContinue reading “Amazon to Cape Horn: Journal of Fear”

Top 5 Songs for Solo Motorcycle Trips

While your friends are busy getting married, having kids, and buying “BJÖRKSNÄS” dressers from Ikea, you’re riding a motorcycle through some strange and desperate land searching for something, something that’s out there — but what? Only the Gods of Rock ‘n Roll can tell you. Here’s five top songs for your solo-moto trippin’. (Note heavyContinue reading “Top 5 Songs for Solo Motorcycle Trips”

One Month Tech-Detox Diary

The year 2022: technology has enslaved mankind in the glow of its addictive web. Soon the machines will rise up and terminate us all, as is foretold in T2: Judgement Day. The only escape is to abandon all Skynet devices, load up a motorcycle with survival gear, and ride into the desert. I did thisContinue reading “One Month Tech-Detox Diary”

Ayahuasca Trip Down the Amazon

AMAZONAS, BRASILCARGO BOAT – DAY 1 I’m still mentally and physically dealing with one of the most intense experiences of my life — meeting my shaman in a remote part of the Amazon and drinking five bowls of Ayahuasca to become inducted into the indigenous community — leaving my body and crossing into the natural-spiritualContinue reading “Ayahuasca Trip Down the Amazon”

Kill Your Master

“The real universe is within your reach.” — Terence McKenna You’re living in a computer generated DreamworldWalking around in concussion-like dazeSucked into the warm glow of your phoneIt is your Master and you are its Slave Where did you go?It told you where to goWhat do you fear?It told you what to fear Everywhere, grownContinue reading “Kill Your Master”