Riding the Silk Road through Nubra Valley

LEH, LADAKHSept. 2020 For the third straight day I’m sitting in the District Commissioner’s Office in Leh waiting for my permit to ride into Nubra Valley.  I have no phone or reading material, so find myself browsing through the District’s Human Waste Management booklet, which comes disturbingly published in full color. Must… look… away! NubraContinue reading “Riding the Silk Road through Nubra Valley”

Hostel vs Hotel … what’s your vibe?

(Chill zone at Moustache Hostel in Pushkar, India) Don’t you ever wonder what it was like to live in a 1960’s hippie commune? You know lounging around with dirty transients, playing groovy music, getting high and partaking in Free Love. All that’s DONE AND CANCELLED, right? Wrong: start traveling the world and check into aContinue reading “Hostel vs Hotel … what’s your vibe?”

Are we Trapped in a Computer Simulation?

The ultimate forbidden thought is “None of this is real.” — Deepak Chopra, Metahuman For many of us, we don’t live in reality … we just don’t. We live in a digital interface with reality.  It’s a series of screens that present us with a network of colleagues, characters, romantic partners and beating heart emojisContinue reading “Are we Trapped in a Computer Simulation?”

Bem vindo ao Renegades Brazil!

Welcome to Renegades Brazil, beaches! Before getting into the Brazil trip, just a quick coda on the last one. After traveling through India from 2020 to 2021, I returned to the U.S. to recover from my motorcycle accident. During this time I stayed at my dad’s in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin where I ate fast foodContinue reading “Bem vindo ao Renegades Brazil!”

Zanskar Expedition Video with LA Riders

Here’s a video I compiled from my six-day expedition through the Zanskar Range of the Himalayas with LA Riders motorcycle club. The trip included high-altitude camping, music, and crossing three of the world’s highest motorable passes. In the middle of the trip we stopped for a trek and bridge crossing to reach Phuktal Gumpa, theContinue reading “Zanskar Expedition Video with LA Riders”

Meet the Renegade Queen of Aerial Arts

April Ananda Bliss is a tiny, tattooed faerie who can fly three times as high as Michael Jordan. Originally from Colorado, April left the U.S. at age 20 to spread her love of fire dancing and hula hooping around the world. She spent the next several years hitchhiking cargo boats in the Peruvian Amazon, couchsurfingContinue reading “Meet the Renegade Queen of Aerial Arts”

Book Review: Freedom from the Known

Jiddu Krishnamurti is a Jedi Master of the First Order. Born in India in 1895, Krishnamurti was a philosopher, writer, and global speaker on topics of psychological revolution. I had never heard of him until I came to India. In fact, I don’t recall any Indian authors being on my high school or college readingContinue reading “Book Review: Freedom from the Known”

Is it Possible to find True Love Traveling?

While traveling through India for the past year I’ve dated several Indian girls and even found myself in a few serious relationships. During the first part of my trip I wasn’t expecting anything too serious, just fun. And there’s plenty of opportunities for that while traveling. But it seemed that every time I really connectedContinue reading “Is it Possible to find True Love Traveling?”

How to Survive 14-Days of Rave in Goa

Is your natural habitat somewhere between a laser and a fog machine? Why not upgrade to lasers and fog machines mounted on palm trees overlooking the Arabian Sea?   Just plan a trip to North Goa during the next holiday season. It’s a never-ending rave party from December through January featuring underground techno and psychedelicContinue reading “How to Survive 14-Days of Rave in Goa”