Trippy Love: A Short Story

A beautiful girl approaches an older guy in a nightclub as techno beats in the background.

“Hey, you took my drink from the dance floor!” she says.

“No, it’s not yours, it’s mine,” he assures her.

“I’m tripping. Let’s leave here,” she says, grabbing his hand.

They ride his bike through the dusty back roads, returning to his hotel, holding hands awkwardly.

“Do you like curvy girls?” she asks.

“Yes. Some of them.”

They find more treasures, and trip even harder in his small clapboard room by the beach. Things get intense. She stares deeply into his eyes, noticing they’re beginning to change, frightening her.

“I’ve seen something in you; an old woman, or wolf,” she exclaims, as she begins shaking and crawls under the covers. “Are you going to hurt me?”

“No,” he replies. 

He notices her shape shifting from fair into dark; beautiful yet scared. A totally different girl opens the covers and invites him underneath.

They confide in everything. He tells his darkest secrets that he’s never shared before. “I don’t care,” she says, staring into his ever-changing eyes. “I like you, man.”

She let’s slip under her breath, “I mean, I love you.”

He melts — asking her why.

“No one has ever loved me and cared for me before,” she says, tearing up. “Never treated me special, or asked how I’m feeling.”

It’s the most honest thing he’s heard, and in that moment he realizes he wants the same.

“I love you too.”

Night becomes morning, morning becomes night, and they’re still up, tripping.

He drops her at her friends’ to say goodbye. Her flight leaves in the morning and she’s upset this is ending so fast. Her face shifts again and again, like an actress cycling through the emotions.

He leaves saddened, and looks up for just once last glance as she watches from the balcony above. It would be their last moment together.

Things go dark.

The next morning he awakes to knocking on his hotel door. He opens it, expecting the housekeeping staff.

But it’s her only, standing there more beautiful than ever in a red dress. The same girl, but a person he’s never met.

Their trip is over, but it’s only just begun.

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