Rihanna takes on Prime Minister Modi and Young Indians Should Too

I wasn’t planning to comment on Indian politics on this blog, but that changed when Rihanna tweeted in support of protesting farmers and was promptly smeared by Prime Minister Modi and his Bollywood goons. Time to do, “Work, work, work, work, work.” Listen Mr. Prime Minister: Don’t fuck with Rihanna or you will feel theContinue reading “Rihanna takes on Prime Minister Modi and Young Indians Should Too”

Navigating the Dark Spiral

If you’ve been following my blog then you probably know that I write openly and honestly about drug use. While my posts are primarily about travel, dating, and motorcycles, more often than not drugs are involved. Immediately after I publish this stuff, I ask myself, “Why? Why did I just post that?” Then I waitContinue reading “Navigating the Dark Spiral”

Is it Possible to find True Love Traveling?

While traveling through India for the past year I’ve dated several Indian girls and even found myself in a few serious relationships. During the first part of my trip I wasn’t expecting anything too serious, just fun. And there’s plenty of opportunities for that while traveling. But it seemed that every time I really connectedContinue reading “Is it Possible to find True Love Traveling?”

How to Survive 14-Days of Rave in Goa

Is your natural habitat somewhere between a laser and a fog machine? Why not upgrade to lasers and fog machines mounted on palm trees overlooking the Arabian Sea?   Just plan a trip to North Goa during the next holiday season. It’s a never-ending rave party from December through January featuring underground techno and psychedelicContinue reading “How to Survive 14-Days of Rave in Goa”

India Emergency Room Visit = 5 Rupees

While traveling I get lots of injuries but this is a really stupid one. Got gashed by the ceiling fan in my guesthouse when I stood up on the bed at night. You see being tall is not always so good. There was lots of blood spilling from my bald head. Luckily some Indian guysContinue reading “India Emergency Room Visit = 5 Rupees”

Trippy Love: A Short Story

A beautiful girl approaches an older guy in a nightclub as techno beats in the background. “Hey, you took my drink from the dance floor!” she says. “No, it’s not yours, it’s mine,” he assures her. “I’m tripping. Let’s leave here,” she says, grabbing his hand. They ride his bike through the dusty back roads,Continue reading “Trippy Love: A Short Story”

Arranged Marriages in India: Twisted Social Networking

While traveling through India for the past ten months I’ve met many young Indians who are also traveling, staying in hostels, and generally living a lifestyle that runs afoul of their parents’ wishes. When the topic of marriage comes up, they often say something like, “My parents want me to come home and get marriedContinue reading “Arranged Marriages in India: Twisted Social Networking”

Floating in the Arabian Sea

A plane flies in from MumbaiAnother leaves from Delhi, and a third from BangaloreAll three crash into the Arabian Sea The passengers are lostFloating somewhere around GoaInhaling clouds of smoke and chemicalsSuspended in time and space They’re getting sucked deeper into the funnel nowFurther down through the ocean’s vortexIt’s that dark grey spiralThe sunken dancefloorContinue reading “Floating in the Arabian Sea”